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Editor’s Note

             Dear Reader,

             Influencer  marketing  on  Instagram  is  constantly  growing,
             representing by now a significant proportion of content in the
             users’  feeds.  New  opportunities  for  brands,  marketers  and
             influencers are added every day, which not only change the
             platform  itself,  but  have  an  impact  on  how  brands  will
             advertise with influencers in the future.

             We try to predict the effect of this evolving Instagram trend
             on  the  marketing  industry,  provide  some  Social  Media
             Service KPIs and information on the digital economy. All this
             has  probably  never  been  more  important  than  during  the
             current COVID-19 pandemic as consumers and businesses
             across  the  globe  grapple  with  a  digital-only  reality.  The
             pandemic is leaving its mark on the marketing industry and
             we  have  to  learn  and  adjust  to  the  behavioral  changes  in
             society  quickly  to  be  prepared for  what’s  coming. WARC’s
             summary of trends and themes for effective media strategies
             or  GlobalData’s  analysis  on  the  impact  of  the  Covid-19
             outbreak  on  the  demand  for  digital  transformation  are             Subscription
             definitely useful support.
             Enjoy the reading

             Best Regards,

             Daniela La Marca,
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing                                             Connect

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