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             Putting data in the driver’s seat to reach


            Imagine  how  blind  we  were  before  the  data.  The  expected to grow by 3 to 4 per cent per year over the
            question now for brand managers is what to do with all  next  five  years  to  reach  US$33  billion  by  2021,
            the new knowledge. Big data in marketing circles often  according  to  the  MAGNA  Intelligence  and  Rapport
            refers to the enormous amounts of data that businesses  study. Although digital OOH contributes only 5 per cent
            collect  from  marketing  campaigns,  customers,  and  of  the  global  OOH  inventory,  it  already  generates  14
            business leads collated through different channels.   per cent of total advertising revenues and is expected
                                                                 to grow to 24 per cent globally by 2021. The exposure
            However, when it comes to Southeast Asia, the picture   weekly to DOOH per capita has significantly increased
            is  not  the  same.  Marketers  face  a  dearth  of  consumer   from 8 minutes in 2008 to 20 minutes in 2017.
            insights  due  to  our  shorter  history  of  digital  advertising
            and  fewer  digital  touch  points,  compared  to  Western   Connecting screens in Southeast Asia with
            markets. As a result, brands find it harder to observe and   IDOOH
            pick up fast-changing consumer habits in this region.
                                                                 A  key  player  in  the  in-vehicle  DOOH  space  is  Asian
            Driving Data and Digital OOH                         OOH media technology company IDOOH. Our mission
                                                                 is to make rides better  – across our inventory of over
            Driven  by  big  data,  out-of-home  (OOH)  advertising  is
            experiencing  a  renaissance  globally,  especially  with   24,000 screens across cars, taxis, vehicular roadsides
            digital  out-of-home  (DOOH)  due  to  its  versatility  as  a   and rail stations in Asia Pacific. With a diverse range of
            digital touch point. Formerly seen as the “last broadcast   content from entertainment, news, trailers, and relevant
            medium”  targeting  people  on  the  move,  DOOH’s   commercials, the in-vehicle screens attract commuters
            capability is its ability to not only to reach – but actually   to engage one-on-one  in  a captive environment for at
            target  –  the  young,  urban  population  that  might   least 20 minutes.
            otherwise  be  difficult  to  achieve  through  traditional   Behind the screen is IDOOH’s big data architecture to
            media.                                               ‘capture  all’-  from  location,  time,  taxi  details,  previous
                                                                 location prior to engagement and campaign attributes.
            The  numbers  speak  for  themselves.  Out-of-Home   We  also  capture  location  and  movement  of  the  fleet
            advertising is now a US$29 billion market with revenue   which  provides  data  on  historical  and  real-time  which
                                                                 can be used in the data analytics.
      10            August 2018 - Predictive Algorithms & Native Ads
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