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             Hardly any industry benefits as much from big data, predictive applications and automation as sales,
             marketing and commerce, since they rely heavily on using their growing data volumes to remain
             competitive and need to provide customers with a consistent customer experience in the future.
             That’s why algorithms are playing an increasingly important role. Data-driven forecasts and machine-
             learning algorithms unlock new opportunities simply faster: The sales and marketing industry can
             automate operational core processes with predictive applications, increase margins and profits with
             price optimization, ensure the availability of goods and reduce transcripts with automated scheduling,
             as well as optimize and effectively use their advertising budget by targeting customers.
             The fact is that without analytics and machine learning we can’t succeed anymore in today’s marketing
             world, which is why we dedicated this month to predictive algorithms and other useful tools and
             methods that make our work life easier. This month is therefore dedicated to exploring the decisive role
             predictive applications play in marketing and native advertising respectively

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