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             Combining marketing, controlling, and IT is

             highly recommended to be able to serve

             tailor-made offers without asking questions

            What  if  we  could  use  our  customers'  complete  buying  oriented  minds.  This  is  best  ensured  with  powerful
            history, including all transaction data, to predict the next  analytical  systems,  be  it  descriptive,  predictive  or
            most  likely  purchase  for  each  customer?  This  prescriptive analytics.
            information  would  allow  us  to  conduct  individual
            marketing  communications  and  provide  tailor-made  Make my day
            offers  at  the  right  time  to  each  and  every  customer
            without even asking one single question.             Descriptive analysis is the classic reporting feature that
                                                                 has always been familiar to the controller and describes
            Here we go                                           the  status  quo,  the  historical  development  of  the
                                                                 company, based e.g. on target deviations. The resulting
            Big  Data  is  making  all  this  possible  with  its  ability  to  "diagnostic  analysis"  tries  to  track  down  causes  from
            detect  correlations  and  patterns  where  human  beings  these  results,  such  as  e.g.  “why  are  the  costs  above
            only see data chaos. Still important, however, is making  budget or why are sales going down?”
            sure  that  data  is  up-to-date,  relevant  and  comes  from
            guaranteed trusted sources, which sounds easier than it   In  future,  the  time  gained  through  automation  will  be
            is.  Consistency  checks  and  data  cleaning  is    used for predictive analysis, and there is a plethora of
            unfortunately a task located somewhere in the no-man's   software  tools  available  that  can  detect  patterns  from
            land between marketing, controlling and IT. The fact that   the vast amounts of data or draw correlation between
            data is often still generated and kept in different systems   seemingly  unrelated  data.  Such  software  is  used  not
            -  the  famous  "data  silos"  -  accessible  only  by  the   only  to  make  forecast  by  means  of  algorithms,  but  to
            corresponding  department,  make  things  worse.  These   calculate the probability of occurrence of certain events
            systems must merge and get properly integrated, which   and to determine the distribution of risk.
            requires  controllers  that  have  expertise  in  both  IT  and
            process  optimization  and  are  first  and  foremost  future-  Today, computers can predict relatively accurately who
                                                                 will  cancel  a  newspaper  or  magazine  subscription  or

      8            August 2018 - Predictive Algorithms & Native Ads
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