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             Dear Reader,

             “In a world where consumers can change brand preferences with a click of their mouse, the
             role of marketing has evolved from the traditional qualitative approach to an era of intelligent,
             data-driven marketing”, Daniel Ng, Cloudera’s Senior Director for Marketing, APAC points out
             in his inspiring article “The man, the marketer, and the machine”. While Aurecon’s Matt Gurr
             emphasizes that in the future we'll have no excuses for not being able to connect the dots,
             since our devices become even more embedded with intelligence.

             Machine learning will increasingly make sense of the vast oceans of data flooding, filtering out
             helpful insights and patterns, to enable improvements in nearly every sphere of life. SAP

             hybris’ study, part of this issue, kind of proves already that both are right by revealing that
             more than half of Singapore holiday shoppers use chatbots to help them select gifts.

             Clearly, our industry seems to become absolutely technology driven, which is why we
             conclude the final issue of Asian eMarketing for 2017 on this note, just to continue with
             technology trends like AI, IoT, and Automation in Marketing in 2018.

             Let’s stay curious about what the future has to offer. Happy New Year!

             Daniela La Marca
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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