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             Commerce marketing ecosystem important

             to deliver seamless shopping experiences

            Criteo  unveiled  findings  from  two  third-party  studies,   To  help  retailers  and  brands  deliver  seamless  and
            which  highlight  the  pressing  need  for  retailers  and   relevant  shopping  experiences  across  all  devices  and
            brands  to  organize  and  apply  data  at  scale  to   channel,  Criteo  announced  its  vision  to  build  the
            understand  shoppers,  reach  them,  and  inspire  them  to   highest  performing  and  open  commerce  marketing
            buy.                                                 ecosystem.
            To  help  retailers  and  brands,  the  commerce  marketing   As part of the company’s commerce marketing vision,
            technology  company  is  opening  up  an  ecosystem  that   two new solutions  – Criteo Audience  MatchBETA and
            enables  retailers  and  brands  who  participate  to  benefit   Criteo  Kinetic  Design  with  Video  –  have  been  made
            from  a  much  broader  data  set  and  more  intelligent   generally available across the Asia Pacific region.
            technology  than  they  could  acquire  or  develop  on  their
            own.                                                 “Collaboration in an open ecosystem levels the playing
                                                                 field  and  paves  the  way  for  commerce  companies  to
            A  Criteo-commissioned  study,  conducted  by  Forbes   shape  their  future.  This  is  especially  crucial  for
            Insights  and  titled  “The  Commerce  Data  Opportunity:   eCommerce  companies  in  Asia  Pacific  where  the
            How  Collaboration  Levels  the  Retail  Playing  Field,”   market is expected to grow to more than US$3 trillion
            highlights  the  value  of  data  collaboration  and  pooling   by  2021,” said Huang Hanming, Managing Director of
            data  to  better  meet  customers’  needs,  drive  value  and   South  Asia  and  Greater  China  at  Criteo.  “We  have
            compete.                                             developed  Criteo  Commerce  Marketing  Ecosystem  to
                                                                 unleash  the  value  of  collaboration  and  the  power  of
            The “Shopper Story 2017” study, also commissioned by   data to all who participate.”
            Criteo  and  conducted  by  an  independent  researcher,
            highlights the rise of "omnishoppers" – those that use a   Key findings from Forbes Insights:
            variety of devices, channels and platforms to browse and
            buy products.                                        •  Retail   industry   disruption   is   reshaping
                                                                   commerce:  50  %  of  brands  demonstrate  concern
            Overall, both studies reinforce the need for brands and   that  physical-digital  giants  will  limit  access  to  their
            retailers  to  innovate  through  collaboration  and  harness   products  and  41%  are  concerned  that  they  will  not
            the collective power of data to engage with consumers at   have  access  to  information  about  their  own
            every moment and  across any screen or  device  during   customers  and  products.  Retailers  also  worry  that
            the shopper journey.                                   this  trend  will  cause  consumers  to  turn  away  from
                                                                   smaller retailers.
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