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       •  Brands and  retailers realize data’s potential, but   Commerce  marketers  can  use  Criteo  Audience
         lack  activation  capabilities: Nearly four out of five   MatchBETA to:
         brands and retailers include customer data as a key
         part  of  their  business  strategy.  But  while  retailers   • Quickly   execute   cost-effective,   paid   display
         have  access  to  more  data  than  brands,  especially   campaigns  across  a  diverse  set  of  marketing
         online,  they  are  less  confident  than  brands  in  their   scenarios,  including  re-engagement  of  lapsed
         ability  to  activate  data  into  actionable  insights.   customers, promotion of seasonal offers, cross-sell of
         Bottom  line:  more  data  alone  doesn’t  necessarily   products related to previous purchases, and more.
         translate into a greater ability to take actions.
                                                           • Drive  unmatched  advertising  engagement  through
       •  Pooled  data  assets  are  a  powerful  way  to  get   optimized  ads,  balancing  brand-inspired  design  and
         ahead:  Brands  and  retailers  see  value  in      ad performance through Kinetic Design.
         collaboration  and  pooling  data  assets  to  meet
         customer needs and drive value for their business. In   • Synchronize   perfectly   with   Criteo   Dynamic
         fact, 71% of retailers are willing to contribute online   Retargeting  to  ensure  cross-campaign  optimization
         search  data  to  a  pool.  And,  three-fifths  of  those   and attribution.
         surveyed are already part of a data cooperative, with   Criteo  has  also  added  video  as  a  new  channel  and
         almost seven out of 10 of those companies already   inventory  source  for  commerce  marketers.  Criteo
         happy  with  their  collaborations  as  well  as  the  data   Kinetic Design with Video automatically optimizes every
         they  receive.  Additionally,  72%  of  marketers  cite   visual aspect of an ad to inspire and engage a shopper.
         “increased revenue” as a key benefit they experience   Kinetic Design already  allows for more than 17 trillion
         from pooled data.
                                                           variations  from  one  base  design  in  display  ads.  This
                                                           has been now expanded to incorporate video, creating
       Key findings from The Shopper Story 2017:
                                                           personalized  video  ads  that  feature  relevant  products
       •  More  than  3/4  of  shoppers  globally  engage  in   based  on  Criteo’s  complete  understanding  of  the
         omnishopping: Most consumers are going online to   shopper. These video ads are created automatically on
         shop and buying in-store, and vice versa.         -the-fly and appear across web and mobile.

       •  Webrooming  and  Showrooming  are  the  norm:    As  consumer  video  consumption  continues  to  grow,
         66%  of  consumers  occasionally  browse  products   Criteo’s  clients  can  now  use  video  to  relevantly  re-
         online and then purchase at retail, with 24% making   engage  shoppers  without  production  time,  resources,
         this  a  regular  occurrence;  whereas  74%  of   or costs. Video is delivered in a non-intrusive manner to
         consumers occasionally make purchases online after   provide  a  seamless  browsing  experience  –  in  app,  in
         seeing  a  product  in  retail,  with  15%  communicating   feed  or  on  a  website.  Criteo’s  video  capability  also
         they do this regularly.                           allows marketers to take advantage of video ads on a
                                                           cost-per-click basis.
       •  Digital  drives  conversion:  As  mobile  continues  to
         permeate everyday life, online is now a critical point   “Understanding  consumer  purchasing  behavior  is
         of  purchase  driver;  with  nearly  half  of  all   challenging  for  retailers  given  that  shoppers  are  on
         omnishoppers  from  various  countries  sharing  that   more  platforms  than  ever  before,  with  collected  data
         websites  were  the  “last  influence  before  purchase”   being difficult to integrate  and analyze,  at scale," said
         and 62% of consumers reporting that they use their   Alban Villani, General Manager, Southeast Asia, Hong
         phone while in-store to research products online.   Kong and Taiwan, Criteo. “To help retailers and brands
                                                           overcome  this  challenge,  Criteo  Audience  Match  and
       Using  customer  relationship  management  (CRM)  or   Criteo  Kinetic  Design  with  Video  will  support  the  full
       data  management  platform  (DMP)  data  to  accurately   shopper  journey,  enabling  brands  to  create  relevant
       target audiences across web, mobile browser and apps,   and  engaging  experiences  for  customers  online  and
       Criteo Audience MatchBETA provides marketers with a   offline.” ◊
       new way to re-engage their customer base with broad-
       reaching, paid display campaigns.                                                     By MediaBUZZ

       Criteo has built a foundation of deterministic IDs within
       Criteo Shopper Graph, enabling beta customers to see
       a match rate of more than 60%  of their  existing client
       lists with online profiles.

                                                 MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd - Independant ePublisher for Asia
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