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             Peculiarities of influencer marketing in B2B

            The terms influencer marketing and influencer relations,  In  terms  of  credibility,  influencer  marketing  clearly
            as   well   as   their   opportunities   for   corporate  outperforms  traditional  advertising  formats,  since  trust
            communication,  have  been  discussed  for  around  ten  in  influencers  is  high  due  to  their  commitment  and
            years now.  Essentially, it  is about  how  opinion  building  social  authority.  Influencers  can  be  used  to  market
            works  for  stakeholders,  especially  customers  or  other  specific  products  and  services  for  particular  customer
            reference groups, and what levels beyond journalism or  segments.  First  and  foremost,  credibility  and  trust
            advertising are involved.                            motivate  customers  to  follow  recommendations  from
                                                                 influencers,  demanding  from  companies  to  give  up
            Since  quality  content  is  key  to  the  success  of  many   some  control  over  their  content.  Authentic  and
            companies  -  be  it  videos,  webinars,  blogs,  testimonials   successful  influencer  marketing  is  therefore  not  only
            or  social  media  posts  -  marketers  are  increasingly   characterized  by  the  trust  that  customers  bring  to
            focusing on content marketing and clever storytelling to   influencers.
            have  a  positive  influence  on  purchasing  decisions.  In
            doing so, the content is no longer just produced by the   Authentic  influencer  marketing  isn’t  as  established  in
            companies     themselves.    Especially   in   B2C   the  B2B  environment  as  it  is  in  many  B2C  sectors.
            communication,  opinion-makers,  so-called  influencers,   Nonetheless,  promising  potentials  for  lead  generation
            have  firmly  established  themselves  in  recent  years,   exist in the B2B environment as well, since purchasing
            because studies show that consumers increasingly buy   decisions  are  based  on  rational,  factual  knowledge
            products that are recommended by them. Hence, many   rather  than  emotions.  Reach,  which  is  the  central
            marketing  departments  set  aside  budgets  to  target   criterion  for  co-operations  with  influencers  in  B2C,  is
            people with influence and reach.                     not so crucial in B2B, rather the relevance of technical

                                                                 content  and  a  good  personal  reputation  of  the
            For  instance,  at  the  end  of  2017,  Hubert  Burda  Media   influencer.
            launched  the  content  and  influencer  platform  “Brands
            you love” that connects companies and influencers. The   So,  finding  suitable  influencers  is  often  a  bigger
            influencer  industry  is  obviously  becoming  more  and   challenge  in  B2B,  because  celebrities  and  high-reach
            more professional: agencies even specialize in this area   creators  are  not  ranking  first  in  B2B.  Instead,  B2B
            and  tools  make  it  easily  possible  to  identify  suitable   companies  should  rely  on  customers,  business
                                                                 partners and employees.
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