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Strategic Social Media, Influencer Marketing & Paid Media


         Digital marketing trends   pg 4      Instant messaging      pg 6       Confidence in social media  pg 8

         2019                              overtakes the more                 is at an alarmingly low level
                                           traditional social networks,
                                           Hootsuite report reveals

         Peculiarities of influencer   pg 10      Programmatic advertising -  pg 12      Digital 2019 report finds   pg 14

         marketing in B2B                  where is it heading?               social media fuels growth
                                                                              despite industry challenges
                                                                              of 2018

         Generation Z are masters   pg 15      Conversations about KPop  pg 16

         of adaptation on Social           will continue to grow on
         Media                             Twitter


         Which KPIs are important in  pg 18   Selected social media KPIs  pg 20   The future of Snapchat in   pg 22
         influencer marketing?             for performance                   the advertising market still
                                           measurement                       uncertain

         Socialbakers provides     pg 24
         guidance on how to invest
         advertising budgets to
         maximize reach,
         engagement and business


         10 ways social technologies  pg 26      Symantec warns of more   pg 28

         add value                         ambitious, destructive and
                                           stealthy attacks


         Facebook plans to be back  pg 30   The digital achievement gap  pg 32
         on track with common              - companies struggle to
         technical platform for its        meet customer expectations
         chat services

         BUZZWORDS             - Social Commerce                                                         pg 34

         LEGISLATION           - Protection of IP in the social media era                                  pg 36

         APPOINTMENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                     pg 38

         IMPRINT                                                                                         pg 43

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