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             Digital marketing trends 2019

            Looking at the Swiss full-service digital agency Namics’   A  prerequisite  for  measuring  success  in  content
            predictions, we feel that we are on the right track with   marketing is a detailed content marketing strategy and
            many of the trends we forecasted to gain momentum in   a zero measurement, which means an inventory before
            2019, including the following:                       the  actual  measures.  The  so-called  content  audit  can
                                                                 be  very  helpful  here  as  well,  which  documents  e.g.
            Augmented Reality Advertising                        whether  a  contribution  fits  to  the  target  group,  the
                                                                 editorial  quality  is  right  and,  above  all,  whether  the
            Looking at Snapchat filters, Pokemon Go or digital city   content pays for the business goals.
            guides,  it  becomes  clear  that  Augmented  Reality  (AR)
            has  already  arrived  in  the  daily  lives  of  customers   SEO for Voice Search
            worldwide, Namics says. By putting the technology into
            the  hands  of  professional  brand  communicators,  who   Siri,  Alexa  and  Cortana  are  becoming  increasingly
            use  it  especially  in  social  media  marketing,  gives  the   popular  with  customers  worldwide.  The  market
            trends  a  boost.  Facebook,  for  example, makes  it  easy   research  institute  Comscore  even  suspects  that  by
            for advertisers to implement augmented reality concepts   2020  every  second  search  query  in  the  world  will  be
            with its AR Studio, and major corporations such as Audi   made  by  voice.  No  wonder  that  the  digital  assistants
            and  IKEA  now  regularly  place  their  products  and   are playing an increasingly important role for SEO. This
            services directly into the living environment of potential   is especially evident in the digital trend SEO for voice
            buyers  via  augmented  reality  applications.  That  way,   search  and  for  marketing  departments  to  proactively
            they  extend  the  user  experience  with  a  personalized   address this trend.
            brand and product experience, like a virtual racing track
            or  a  corresponding  showroom,  that  can  lead  to  viral   Quite  apart  from  that,  users  are  looking  via  language
            effects  if  combined  with  appropriate  user  interaction.   assistants  now  not  only  for  information  about  brands
            The  greater  the  entertainment  value  for  the  user,  the   and everyday issues, but also specifically for products
            greater  the  likelihood  that  the  person  will  share  the   and good deals for direct purchases on-site. This also
            content with others.                                 explains the rise of the ROPO trend - Research Online,
                                                                 Purchase  Offline.  In  the  future,  even  the  mood  of  the
            Measurability in Content Marketing                   users  should  influence  the  search  results:  several
                                                                 companies are working on software that evaluates the
            Even though companies spend large amounts of money   pitch and mode of expression of the speaker and this
            on  the  production  of  YouTube  videos,  the  desired   way determines the user’s emotional state. If the user
            conversion,  for  example,  a  visit  to  the  website  or   sounds calm and in a good mood, he/she is referred to
            subscription to the newsletter, often can’t be achieved.   inspirational  content  rather  than  mere  factual
            Therefore,  content  should  be  measurable  in  order  to   collections.
            avoid  wasting  resources,  especially  when  created

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