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       Content that’s even more individualized             user  and  buying  behavior  on  the  website,  the  device
                                                           used  or  external  factors  such  as  the  weather  are
       Personalized content remains a trend in marketing and  important  segmentation  factors.  With  flexible  content
       the peak is far from being reached, yet. On the contrary:  management  systems  (CMS)  and  the  use  of  artificial
       although  technological  development  is  already  well  intelligence (AI) content can be optimally personalized
       advanced,  many  companies  are  only  now  beginning  to  and  adapted  to  the  user,  the  respective  channel  and
       exploit the full potential of segmentation. Not least due to  the  corresponding  device.  Automated  A  /  B  testing  or
       increasing  customer  demands,  individual  content  will  tweeting or posting are just a few examples of AI's field
       become even more important in 2019.                 of  application.  Especially  when  dealing  with  large
                                                           amounts of data, the advantages of artificial intelligence
       The user wants to be picked up according to individual  are obvious.  ◊
       needs. Not only socio-demographic characteristics such
       as  age,  relationship  status  or  gender  play  a  role,  the                         By MediaBUZZ

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