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             Instant messaging overtakes the more traditional

             social networks, Hootsuite report reveals

            Last year has been a turbulent year for social media in   Hootsuite’s  Social  Media  Trends  2019  in  a  nutshell:
            many  ways.  To  protect  their  privacy,  Penny  Wilson,
            CMO  at  Hootsuite  explained,  many  social  media  users   1. Rebuilding trust
            now use more often closed channels such as Facebook
            Messenger,  WhatsApp  and  WeChat.  This  gives      Customers  are  increasingly  paying  attention  to  who
            companies  the  opportunity  to  build  a  new  kind  of   they  interact  with  in  social  media  and  to  whom  they
            customer  relationship,  especially  with  many  customers   entrust  data.  Therefore,  brands  must  adapt  their
            using instant messaging for interactions such as support   strategy and quickly bring more relevant content to their
            requests.                                            target audience, while being authentic and in line with
                                                                 the brand.
            The  Hootsuite  report,  which  we  briefly  present  in  the
            following,  shows  businesses  executives,  marketers,
            customer experience, and social media experts and how   After   the   Cambridge   Analytica   scandal   and
            they see their opportunities in how to succeed in 2019:   congressional  hearing,  Facebook  faced  pressure from
            e.g.  with  videos  posted  via  Snapchat,  Instagram  and   users and regulators to improve security, transparency,
            Facebook  Stories,  followers  can  be  addressed  via   and accuracy, meanwhile, Twitter fought controversies
            "Storifying"  instead  of  traditional  "storytelling,"  which   over the large presence of bots on its platform, purging
            leads  to  more  engagement.  This  allows  brands  to  tell   millions  of  fake  accounts,  To  no  surprise,  60%  of
            their own, more emotional stories that are important and   people no longer trust social media companies by now
            relevant and reach their audience immediately.       and  consumers,  regulators,  and  media  observers
                                                                 questioned the privacy, accuracy, and ethics of nearly
                                                                 every social network.
            The fact is, that as the organic reach decreased in 2018,
            brands had to invest more in Paid Social to spread their
            messages. As a result, competition has intensified here   For  brands  on  social  media,  this  shift  presents  new
            as  well,  which  is  why  brands  must  once  again  look  to   challenges and  opportunities, Hootsuite states. “Users
            new approaches in the coming year.                   have  grown  distrustful  of  many  media  and  celebrity
                                                                 influencers  whose  followings,  it  turns  out,  are  often
                                                                 bought  or  fake,  so  that  trust  has  reverted  back  to
            In addition, e-commerce is increasingly pushing directly
            into  the  social  media  channels,  where  customers  can   immediate friends, family, and acquaintances on social
            now  even  complete  their  purchases.  Above  all,  this   media,  as  well  as  traditional  and  trusted  journalism
            increases  the  convenience  for  users  who  already  use   outlets”
            social  media  to  network  with  brands  or  search  for
            articles, recommendations and support.

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