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             Confidence in social media is at an

             alarmingly low level

            From a consumer perspective, companies have  what it  Increasing age in social networks is good
            takes to save social media from the crisis of confidence.   news
            They  see  companies  in  a  position  to  leverage  their
            influence  by  compulsory  heckling  with  the  big  social   Clearly,  the  image  of  students  celebrating  their
            media platforms.
                                                                 omnipresence on the Web with selfies tricks the gaze
                                                                 on the fact that social networks are now being used by
            Consumers  expect  companies  to  show               almost all generations. For example, 80% of 35- to 44-
            some backbone                                        year-olds  worldwide  are  registered  on  Facebook,
                                                                 followed by the age group 45-54 years (76%) and the
            If  companies  fail  to  do  this,  it  will  have  negative   55-64-year-olds (69%). Especially for B2B businesses,
            consequences    for   social   media   platforms   and   the  increasing  age  in  social  networks  is  good  news,
            businesses,  Edelman  emphasized  already  in  its  Trust   because  it  is  very  likely  that  a  potential  negotiating
            Barometer Report 2018 that consumers and businesses   partner  is  also  active  on  social  networks.  Used
            are emotionally involved in social media. The point here   sensibly, social media can expand the customer base
            is that consumers expect mainly from companies to fight   and generate revenue.
            fake  news  and  protect  them  against  inappropriate
            content.                                             Quality beats quantity

            Marketing departments are especially sought after if they   Of  course,  social  media  should  not  be  considered  a
            want to (re)gain consumer confidence in social networks   miracle  tool  that  can  be  used  to  generate  leads
            and as usual trusted content remains king: the quality of   immediately. It's always hard to get started and so it is
            image  and  text  is  just  as  important  as  the  source  of   with performing in social networks. On the other hand,
            information  from  experts.  Businesses  use  social  media   the  advantages  clearly  outweigh,  mainly  due  to  the
            platforms today as a tool to generate new customers and   mostly free use of the networks.
            polish  their  image,  but  there  is  often  uncertainty  when
            dealing with these networks.

      8            February 2019 - Strategic Social Media, Influencer Marketing & Paid Media
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