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Editor’s Note

             Dear Reader,

             What  do  a  birthday,  registration,  and  the  expiry  of  a
             voucher have in common? At first glance, not much—only
             their event character unites them. However, this is exactly
             what makes them interesting for marketing.
             Events like the ones mentioned can be defined as triggers
             for  sending  marketing  messages  to  ensure  the  temporal
             relevance of a communication. Because only if the content
             fits the current situation and the needs of a target person,
             it will be perceived as interesting. The practice of defining
             such  events  as  triggers  for  the  control  of  marketing
             messages  is  known  as  event-triggered  marketing,  which
             we cover this month in Asian eMarketing.
             Marketers  can  make  use  of  a  number  of  techniques  to
             drive  people  to  take  action—flashy  design,  celebrity
             endorsements,  etc.—but  nothing  is  more  effective  than
             psychological triggers. Even if the product or service you
             are  selling  isn’t  an  “impulse”  buy,  there  are  dozens  of
             customer touch points along the buyer’s journey that are
             directly  influenced  by  these  quick,  emotional  judgments.
             Whether  you  want  to  get  someone  to  submit  an  email
             address,  answer  a  sales  call,  or  start  a  trial—all  can  be      Subscription
             influenced by skillful use of psychological triggers.
             If  voice  assistants  and  chatbots  really  want  to  make  an           (complimentary)
             impact  in  customer  experience,  findings  from  behavioral
             psychology  help  by  taking  into  consideration  that  people
             rarely  act  rationally,  rather  decide  based  on  intuitive,
             unconscious behavior patterns—and this certainly applies
             to our purchase decisions too.

             Enjoy reading more on this in Asian eMarketing today.

             Best regards,

             Daniela La Marca,
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing                                             Connect

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