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             Creative leadership trends that will

             power organizations in 2021

            A digital, innovation-driven economy means that      Based on the Adobe Creativity Quotient (CQ), here are
            businesses  will  need  highly  skilled  workers  and   five key trends on how to evolve and elevate creative
            deep  talent.  As  the  employment  landscape        leadership that leaders need to know for 2021:
            undergoes  fundamental  changes  accelerated  by
            the pandemic, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee        1.  Culture  is  the  overarching  factor  that
            Keat  outlined  in  the  recent  Singapore  Budget   influences creativity
            2021  three  enablers  towards  Singapore’s  next
            phase  of  transformation—one  of  which  focuses    According  to  Adobe  CQ,  only  29%  of  APAC  leaders
            on developing the skills, talents and creativity of   have  succeeded  in  creating  a  culture  that  embraces
                                                                 creativity.  However,  as  businesses  start  moving
            our    people—emphasizing       the    need     for   towards  a  new  normal,  leaders  must  drive  a  creative
            Singaporeans  to  have  both  broader  and  deeper   culture,  even  in  a  hybrid  digital  analogue  work
            skills and creativity.                               environment.  As  the  term  “Working  from  Anywhere”
             As we head into this new landscape, business leaders   becomes  commonplace,  attention  should  be  paid  to
             in  Singapore  and  across  the  globe  will  be  challenged   recreating  or  replacing  the  aspects  of  culture  that
             like  never  before  by  a  range  of  factors  including  a   require  in-person  engagement  in  order  to  cultivate  a
             largely  remote  workforce,  accelerated  transformation,   culture of openness and collaboration.
             and  elevated  customer  expectations.  This  will  present
             opportunities  for  those  who  embrace  a  creativity-led   2. Data centricity only matters if you have
             leadership approach to thrive in this new year.     the right data

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