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       Data centricity is key for customer centricity, which lies   As  technology  continues  to  advance,  technical  skills
       at  the  intersection  of  data  and  culture.  However,  only   become  less  critical.  Uniquely  human  skills  such  as
       36% of leaders effectively use data at the start of every   empathy, critical thinking, and problem solving become
       creative  process,  and  almost  20%  use  data     more important as they play a crucial role in driving the
       retrospectively to post-rationalize creative approaches.   success of an organization.
       An  organization’s  priority  must  shift  to  collecting  and
       dissecting the right data for more strategic, meaningful,   5.  Leaders  need  to  understand  how
       and structured use right from the start. Additionally, it is   technology  can  help  augment  human
       vital  that  the  insights  are  contextualized  by  how  the   skills.
       pandemic has changed customer behavior.
                                                           The emphasis on business leaders in 2021 will be on
       3.  The  line  between  functions  within  an       the  importance  of  investing  in  both  technology  and
       organization     will   blur    as    delivering    skills   to   create   engaging,   valuable   customer
       innovative     experiences       becomes        a   experiences that will endure. According to Simon Dale,
       company-wide mandate                                managing  director  of  Adobe  SEA,  leaders  have  to
                                                           understand  the  power  of  an  integrated  customer
       Deeper cross-department collaboration will become key   journey management, which will be a key challenge in
       to  business  success  as  organizations  aim  to  become   the path of digital transformation. Aspects such as the
       more  agile  with  CX.  It  is  vital  for  the  C-suite  roles  to   ability for organizations to rapidly take data from insight
       take joint ownership of customer experience, which will   to action will be crucial in a business environment that
       allow companies to understand the various aspects of   is certain to be fluid and turbulent over the next  year.
       customer journeys.                                  For  leaders,  the  challenge  lies  within  recognizing  this
                                                           power to augment, enhance, and empower your teams.
       4.  Focus  on  creative  skill  development
       needs to accelerate                                 Creativity  for  leaders  means  finding  innovative
                                                           solutions  to  problems.  By  challenging  the  status  quo
       In  2021,  leaders  have  to  look  into  fostering   and  inspiring  their  team  to  do  the  same,  those  who
       entrepreneurial  skills  that  can  be  applied  across   embrace a creativity-led leadership approach will excel
       business  functions  and  roles.  Adobe  CQ  insights  saw   in the new year.
       just  25%  of  APAC  respondents  leading  the  way  with   To find  out  more  about  the  creative  leadership  trends
       driving creative skills needed to navigate transformation   and Adobe CQ, feel free to read the full blog post here.
       and change.
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