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             In marketing, transformation must

             take place at the user interfaces

            Due  to  constant  changes,  new  innovations  and   all contact points with customers. Offering a convincing
            developments,  the  digital  world  often  seems  quite   ad  hoc  user  experience  is  a  must  and  the  new
            confusing, doesn’t it? Indeed, the so-called digital   standard.  In  the  best  case,  a  “lock-in  effect”  can  be
            transformation is inexorably changing one industry   achieved,  meaning  there  is  no  longer  any  reason  for
            after  another,  much  more  powerful  and  disruptive   the user to choose another provider. In other words, the
            than anything that has happened before.              physical product is no longer the only decisive factor in
            Nowadays, people can hardly imagine a life without the   sales, it is now the product's use value that has been
            Internet  and  have  gotten  used  to  a  multitude  of  great   enhanced  by  digital  services.  They  generate  the
            services.  As  a  result,  expectations  continuously  rise,   highest  added  value,  and  the  experience  transforms
            spotlighting the quality of the digital services which are   the  behavior  of  the  user  in  the  interest  of  the  brand.
            ultimately  the  crucial  deciding  factor  whether  people   That  is  why  the  transformation  in  marketing  must first
            stay with a brand or not. Online it is easy to get in touch   take  place  at  these  user  interfaces—and  only  then  in
            with  everyone  conveniently,  anytime,  and  anywhere.   the company.
            Digital services clearly  play  a  decisive role in shaping
            brand  identity,  whereby  the  emotional  experience   In  marketing,  for  example,  there  are  already  many
            nowadays is created through the digital operating and   approaches  for  using  AI.  Scenarios  with  both  existing
            user experience, while commercials and brand stories   and new data are relevant so that the AI can be trained
            create the context.                                  to  generate  added  value  for  the  user.  With  machine
                                                                 learning  capabilities,  the  customer  experience  can  be
            And  that  is  exactly  the  challenge  for  brands  today:   made much more personal. Dynamic content is tailor-
            developing  intelligent  products  and  services  while  at   made  using  targeting  so  that  a  significantly  higher
            the  same  time  continuously  expanding  and  perfecting   conversion  and  thus  more  sales  can  be  achieved.

                                                               6          February 2021: Conversational & Event-Triggered Marketing
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