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             Nothing is more effective in marketing

             than psychological triggers

            Subconsciously,    behavior   patterns   that   are   So, use the anchor effect for your pricing strategy and
            coercively triggered provide the decisive purchase   set anchor prices in your newsletters too.
            impulses.  CleverReach  is  well  aware  of  that  fact
            and shares some practical tips and tricks on how to    •  The  most  expensive  first:  in  retail,  the  seller
            use  sales  psychology  in  your  email  marketing  to   offers the customer more expensive models first—
            spark a strong buying incentive in your customers.       this  is  how  he  sets  the  anchor  price!  Although
                                                                     customers  often  buy  the  second  most  expensive
            Especially  online,  where  people  buy  quickly  or  not  at   product in the end.
            all,  the  right  tricks  can  make  all  the  difference.  If  the
            recipient of your newsletter is interested in an offer and   •  The  middle  sells:  since most people don't know
            ready   to  make  the    final   purchase  decision,     the exact price, they tend to buy the middle-priced
            psychological  incentives  set  and  strengthen  the     product. This is where they suspect the best value
            decisive purchase impulse.
                                                                     for money. Irrationally, people simply ignore offers
                                                                     that  are  difficult  to  compare,  rather  focus  on  the
            The  fact  is  that  we  seldom  know  the  real  value  of  a
            product  since  the  variety  of  products  has  increased   offers that are easy to compare and decide then on
            immensely.  Hence,  marketing  plays  a  major  role  in   the  more  attractive  offer.  In  other  words:  if  you
            pricing,  especially  since  we  often  confuse  the  ideal   want to promote sales of a product, provide it with
            value of a thing  with its material  value. Therefore,  we   a similar, less attractive bait. In this way, sales can
            use  comparative  values  as  a  basis  because  intensive   be controlled, and profits doubled!
            price research is often too tedious for us.
                                                                   •  Give  to  get  is the credo of a real sales genius. A
                                                                     gift,  a  little  extra  or  an  attractive  give  away  often
            It is much easier if we orientate ourselves on the first
            price  that  we  associate  with  a  product  in  the  area,   only  costs  a  few  cents  but  increases  your  sales
            which  is  quasi  our  anchor.  It  determines  how  we  rate   many times over. Favors and gifts create an inner
            other prices: whether we find them expensive or cheap,   pressure to reciprocate, which is why psychologists
            we do not check whether the anchor price is justified.   call  this  phenomenon  reciprocity.  This  effect  can

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