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        • Search  is  being  transformed  from  a  channel    products  through  image  capture  is  intuitive,
         dedicated to information into one that can also deliver   engaging  and  a  very  neat  fit  with  social  media
         inspiration.  Brands  should  re-consider  how  they   behavior.
         deploy search spend and to use it across the path to
         purchase.                                         Summing  up,  Alex  Brownsell,  Senior  Editor,  Media  at
                                                           WARC,  comments:  "The  disruptive  power  of  Amazon,
                                                           the  switch  to  conversational-style  language,  and  the
        • Amazon now represents an important part of search   growth of voice and visual technology are converging to
         strategies,  offering  brands  unique  opportunities  to   drive the biggest change to search behavior since the
         expand  their  audience  but  demands  a  specific   first  software  began  mapping  the  web  a  quarter  of  a
         creative approach to search. 69% of respondents to   century ago."
         WARC's survey said they plan to increase investment
         in Amazon in 2019.                                The diversification of search is one of the three themes
                                                           explored  in-depth  in WARC's  Marketer's Toolkit  2019.
        • More  than  any  other  platform,  voice  demands  that  The full report is available to WARC subscribers only,
         you  achieve  the  top  listing  as  audiences  will  not  but  a  free  PDF  sample  of  the  report  can  be
         "scroll"  through.  Using  natural  language  keywords  download here. (Source: WARC) ◊
         and  learning  how  your  audience  thinks  about  the
         category is key.                                                                      By MediaBUZZ

        • Visual  search  is  an  attractive  proposition  for  an
         increasingly  visual  consumer  culture.  Searching  for

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