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             Strategic priorities plus tech and media

             challenges for the year ahead

            WARC,  the  global  authority  on  advertising  and  media  learning  can  be  used  to  drive  relevance  and
            effectiveness,  released  Marketer's  Toolkit  2019,  an  personalization in communications respectively.
            annual  report  outlining  companies’  priorities  and  the
            challenges  brands  are  facing  in  the  year  ahead.  The  Jalin  Wu,  Chief  Marketing  Officer,  Uniqlo  China,
            report is centered on a survey of more than 800 senior  explains it that way: "Always go back to understand the
            marketing and advertising professionals from around the   customer. The  customer  is  our  need. We  are  not  just
            world  and  takes  an  in-depth  look  at  strategic  priorities,   presenting  ourselves  as  apparel,  we  are  presenting
            technology  and  media  challenges,  besides  covering  ourselves as a solution for people to have a better life."
            interviews  with  nine  leading  marketers,  as  well  as
            examples,  best  practice  guidance  and  a  round-up  of  Technology:  voice  and  payment  tech  are
            what  this  all  means  for  brands,  media  owners  and  gaining  traction,  but  there  is  less  interest  in
            agencies.                                            AR and VR
            Major insights highlighted in WARC's Marketer's Toolkit  Compared with the results of last year's toolkit survey,
            2019 are:                                            there  is  more  interest  among  marketers  in  voice  -
                                                                 principally,  voice  search  -  and  also  more  interest  in
            Strategic  priorities:  'experience'  will  drive  the   payment  technology  as  brands  look  to  expand  in  e-
            marketing agenda and shape tech investment           commerce.  There  is  less  interest  in  areas  such  as
                                                                 augmented  and  virtual  reality  (AR  &  VR),  where
            As  already  outlined  in  the  December  issue  of  Asian   arguably  there  is  still  need  for  a  'killer'  marketing
            eMarketing,   marketers   see   improved   customer   application.
            experience - both online and offline - as key to kick-start
            growth and restore trust in brands. According to WARC,   According to WARC’s findings, 29% of brands named
            61%  of  agencies  and  52%  of  brands  cited  CX  as  the   voice  as  a  priority  for  2019,  up  12  percentage  points
            most  important  digital  transformation  for  business  in   from last year's survey, and 23% named AR/VR, down
            2019,  although  only  15%  of  brands  say  their  CX  is   13 points.
            aligned across channels. Consequently, tech investment
            must  be  focused  on  data  and  how  data  and  machine  Lisa  Ronson,  Chief  Marketing  Officer,  Tourism

      12            January 2019 - Digital Business Trends Predictions
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