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Digital Business Trends Predictions


         Adapt to future marketing or  pg 4      IDC’s Top10 predictions   pg 6      Closed ecosystems are   pg 8

         go down the drain                 regarding impact analytics         creating significant
                                           and AI initiatives in Asia         problems for advertisers
                                           Pacific                            and publishers

         Voice technology is driving  pg 10      Strategic priorities plus tech  pg 12      Socialbakers 2019 Social   pg 14

         brands to adopt a new             and media challenges for           Media Trends Report
         strategy for search               the year ahead                     provides guidance on how
                                                                              to maximize reach,
                                                                              engagement and business

         Politics, sports and Marvel   pg 16      2019 will be the “Year of   pg 20

         superheroes topped the            Tipping Points"
         search list in 2018, Google


         Digital advertising and ad   pg 22   Social media channels you  pg 24   Coalition for Better Ads   pg 26
         fraud predictions for 2019        should invest in this year        expands its standards
                                                                             worldwide to improve
                                                                             consumer experience online

         Strategic sales tips for 2019  pg 28   How to find the perfect   pg 30
                                           marketing agency


         Adobe acquires            pg 32      RTB House unveils first AI   pg 34      Fuji Xerox helps businesses   pg 36

         Allegorithmic for its game-       Marketing Lab innovations          work smarter with the
         changing 3D design tools                                             launch of 14 new
                                                                              multifunction devices and
                                                                              enhanced security


        Prepare for future security   pg 38   Vodafone and PNSol     pg 40   Corporate values in       pg 42
        threats by joining Interpol        champion new Broadband            question, employee
        World 2019                         Forum “quality of                 uncertainty on the rise
                                           experience” project focused
                                           on creating the “invisible”

         BUZZWORDS             - Cryptomining malware                                                    pg 44

         APPOINTMENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                     pg 46

         IMPRINT                                                                                         pg 49

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