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       What is valuable?                                   nice  user  interface,  involving  every  customer
                                                           interaction,  from  the  contact  on  the  phone  to  the
       How  can  we  use  digital  to  create  more  value  for  our  second reminder.
       customers?  Do  we  improve  a  process,  lower  prices,
       make  a  product  smarter,  or  develop  completely  new  The marketing of the future is building bridges and real
       offerings?                                          relationships  with  customers.  It  affects  the  whole
                                                           company  and  every  department.  And  when  it's
       Only if we really know the customer and his perspective,  audacious, it confidently makes clear to everyone that
       can we succeed in marketing. We need to know exactly  no business can exist without customers. Therefore, it
       where our company is placed in his world and where we  is  time  to  make  the  customer  the  highest  authority.
       want  to  stand.  It's  about  three  great  perspectives  a  Only  then  we’ll  stop  selling  products  and  start
       company  needs  to  know:  the  internal,  external  and  the  developing  solutions  that  inspire  –  adapting  to  the
       customer perspective.                               requirements of the future. ◊

       What role do we want to play for the customer and what                           By Daniela La Marca
       do we need for that? Is the next question to answer that
       goes beyond  products and services. We also need the
       right  customer  experience,  which  means  more  than  a

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