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             IDC’s Top10 predictions regarding impact

             analytics and AI initiatives in Asia Pacific

            IDC  unveiled  its  top  10  predictions  to  impact  analytics   automation  of  IT  operations.  Other  AI-led  innovations
            and  artificial  intelligence  initiatives  of  Asia  Pacific   enable  the  end-user  such  as  improvements  in
            excluding Japan (APEJ) organizations through 2023.   computer  interfaces,  the  development  of  affective
                                                                 computing, and the rise of insights as a service. A few
            Alongside   strong   momentum   in   localized   data   innovations are really focused on AI development – the
            processing,  IT  operation  automation  and  AI-enabled  UI   increased use of simulated data for AI model training,
            redesign,  there  will  be  increased  discussion  and   and  the  new  discipline  on  AI  model  governance  and
            investment  for  synthetic  AI  training  data,  business   management.”
            process re-design, and data/model governance to make
            sure  these  technology-driven  transformations  are   All come together in the need to incorporate AI models
            sustainable.                                         into  the  business  fabric  of  organizations,  making  the
                                                                 technology real and relevant.
            By  2022,  IDC  predicts  that  algorithm  opacity,  decision
            bias, malicious use of AI, and data regulations will result   According  to  Dr.  Marshall,  these  innovations  are
            in  doubling  of  spending  on  relevant  governance  and   summarized  in  the  following  ten  predictions  impacting
            compliance  staff  and  explainability  teams  in  APEJ.   technology  buyers  and  suppliers  in  Analytics  and
                                                                 Artificial  Intelligence  in  Asia  Pacific  over  the  next  48
            "To get beyond isolated proofs of concepts for Artificial   months. The predictions are:
            Intelligence,  organizations  in  Asia  Pacific  need  to
            aggressively  develop  an  enterprise  ecosystem  that   #1: Insight as a Service: By 2022, commoditization of
            leverages  the  technology  innovations  that  are  now   ever  higher  layers  of  analytics  and  AI  technology  will
            available,"  says  Dr.  Chris  Marshall,  Associate  Vice   result in 15% of the current spend on these items being
            President  for  Analytics  and  AI  Research  at  IDC  Asia/  replaced by spend on insights as a service in APEJ.
                                                                 #2: Process redesign: By 2023, an annual 15% rise in
            Dr.  Marshall  continues,  “Some  innovations  focus  on   AI-based  IT  implementation  projects  automation  will
            infrastructure  such  as  the  availability  of  event-driven   drive  a  new  wave  of  business  process  redesign,
            architectures  to  support  real  time  analytics  and   requiring  services  from  firms  with  deep  industry  and
            processing, the localization of computation at the edge,   functional expertise in APEJ.
            the emergence of multi-model databases, and AI-based

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