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             A global network for IoT devices that has

             been brought to life for having no limits

            Things Mobile, a global mobile operator specialized in   Clearly, the 40-year old Italian
            the Internet of Things, is the brainchild of Manuel Zanel-  businessman’s esprit and suc-
            la, the inventor of the pioneering Things Mobile SIM   cess is rooted in the decade-long
            card.                                                experience in international roam-
                                                                 ing and in the TLC market.
            “Things Mobile was created with a crucial goal in mind:
            upgrading the technology of objects connected to the   While ChatSim was an evolution
            Internet, making it more user-friendly, faster and more   of Zeromobile in voice, chat and
            convenient,” Zanella explains. “Since most devices ex-  text messaging, Things Mobile is
            change very few kilobytes, our rate guarantees very low   the evolution in the field of data   Manuel  Zanella
            connection costs and no management fees for devices”,   exchange, the company explained,
            he added.                                            just that this time, Manuel Zanella tapped the ChatSim
                                                                 experience for this new product. Anyway, besides Zero-
            Things Mobile is an evolution of Zeromobile, the first low   mobile as the majority shareholder, the investment
            cost roaming mobile operator, which Zanella founded   company Angelsim Sarl, (already investor in ChatSim,)
            and leads as CEO. He is as well the founder and CEO of   and Juan de la Coba, ChatSim’s co-founder, are part of
            ChatSim, the SIM card designed to chat free of charge   the project team.
            and without limits with WhatsApp and other Instant Mes-
            saging Apps.
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