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            Dear Reader,

            Mobile has long since overtaken the desktop, which makes it one of the most tempting
            marketing platforms right now and explains why our industry is heavily preparing for the
            approaching mobile-first world.

            So, in case you still do not have a mobile-optimized website in place, be reminded to stop
            beating around the bush and speed up your digital presence asap in order not to lose out
            on opportunities.

            As digital marketing technology changes, evolving from pop-up to display advertising and
            now to content discovery, so does the way consumers interact with content.

            Mobile search and location-based mobile marketing are dominating today, opening up new
            vistas for retailers on how to attract customers to the store despite strong online competition,
            how to increase sales or reduce costs, and in general minimize risks. The key to success is
            having correct data and coherent geocoding and staying informed on all things happening in
            our digital world.

            Enjoy reading & Best wishes,

            Daniela La Marca
            Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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