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             Unengaged, unmotivated, uninspired:

             Do these three words describe your workforce?

            Research suggests that 87 percent of America’s       On the shifting landscapes of today’s economy, pas-
            workforce fails to reach its full potential. Why? It’s   sion may be more than just a catalyst for increased job
            simple – they lack passion for their work. Studies   performance; it may be the anchor as well.
            are suggesting most of the business world does not
            take passion seriously enough.
                                                                 Engagement alone won’t do it

            And yet, were it not for passion, Thomas Edison may   Passion is not the same thing as engagement. Engage-
            have quit at experiment #8999 – one exercise short of
                                                                 ment assesses employees’ emotional commitment to
            the invention that went on to change the course of hu-  the work – are they generally happy for Monday morn-
            man history. Colonel Sanders would have thrown his
                                                                 ing to come? Do they see the company mission as their
            secret chicken recipe in the dustbin after his 1009th at-  own? Do they feel disrespected when the manager for-
            tempt to sell it. Walt Disney would have believed he   gets to say thank you?
            “lacked imagination” and never gone on to show dreams
                                                                 Gallup and other internationally renowned surveys
            really can come true (with a $30 billion annual bonus   prove the obvious benefits of engagement, ranging
            attached).                                           from higher profitability and customer ratings to lower

                                                                 absenteeism. But engagement alone will not keep the
            In today’s rapidly changing business environment we   plates indefinitely spinning. Passion, on the other hand,
            need people who are not primarily motivated by the
            temporary ‘bumps’ that the 13th check or engagement
            initiative provide. We need self-motivated workers who   A popular report states, “While employee engagement
            embrace change as challenge and commit to improve
                                                                 was sufficient in a world of predictability that was de-
            their own professional areas of learning and application.   signed to optimize scalable efficiency, engagement will

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