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       properly settle into the corporate landscape. Smoope's   the most popular payment methods used by Chinese
       mobile app is similar to Whatsapp, but focuses on busi-  nationals today in and outside of China. Now, both
       ness interaction, enabling timely communication without   online and brick and mortar retailers can accept this
       queuing or long response times. Data protection is just   incredibly popular Chinese payment method in their
       as important as enhancement and integration possibili-  own or local currency, thanks to the new partnership.
       ties in existing business processes, e.g. CRM systems   According to the Chinese messaging and social media
       and mobile applications. The point is that the potential   giant, the agreement with SafeCharge enables online
       of chat and messenger services goes far beyond pure   merchants to offer Chinese visitors the opportunity to
       dialogues. Even campaigns or bulk mailing to selected   pay quickly and easily with their preferred payment
       customers can be put into action with the advantage   method when visiting other countries. Not to mention
       that every customer response ends again directly in a   that smoothing the payment experience and reducing
       dialogue that can seamlessly continue the campaign. A   the trouble of forex exchange could mean for Interna-
       personal sales discussion may even occur, if the cus-  tional brands becoming far more accessible for Chi-
       tomer accepts the video chat function.              nese tourists. That’s what I am taking about: Messen-
       Just look at the recent announcement from Tencent   ger services are opening new doors for businesses by
       Holdings, China’s leading provider of internet value   providing inspiring new opportunities, innovations and
       added services that owns WeChat, and its new partner-  technologies, but they also have to keep more than
       ship with the payments technology company           ever an eye on data security and privacy issues as they
       SafeCharge that adds WeChat Pay on its global pay-  are the kind of connector the marketing industry was
       ments platform.  With more than 700 million monthly   waiting for. ◊
       active user accounts in China, WeChat Pay is one of                                  By Daniela La Marca

                                                 MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd - Independant ePublisher for Asia
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