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Editor’s Note

             Dear Reader,

             As we pointed out at the beginning of the year, what matters
             in content marketing, is the optimization of relevant content
             for  the  smartphone  and  an  increased  presence  on  social
             media  channels  and  voice  assistants.  That  can  be  easily
             achieved with modern content and experience management
             platforms that help companies to interact with customers on
             a personal level on umpteen channels.

             Customers  simply  expect  interesting  storytelling  across
             different  channels  today,  forcing  marketing  to  fill
             communication  channels  constantly  with  tailored  content.
             The  challenge  for  brands  is  to  keep  up  with  the  ever-
             increasing need for content without compromising on quality,
             authenticity and relevance.

             We  continue  providing  you  with  insights,  trend  studies,
             innovations  and  news  on  the topic  of  content marketing  in
             the  course  of  the  year  to  support  you  in  keeping  up  with
             today’s  demanding  and  knowledge-driven  digital  marketing

             Look  forward  to  our  feature  in  April  -  Social  Commerce  &       Subscription
             Influencer Marketing – and enjoy the reading!
             Best Regards,

             Daniela La Marca,
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing


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