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Content Marketing:

         authenticity, transparency & quality instead of keyword battle


            The transformation of content production                                                      pg  4

            Connected customers expect a hyper-personalized, effortless experience                        pg  8

            APAC businesses are demonstrating their commitment to bridge the CX maturity gap              pg 12

            Quantum leap for photon entanglement could revolutionize secure communications                pg 14


           Automating digital content marketing                                                           pg 16

           Strategic B2B Content Marketing – step by step                                                 pg 20

           The 50 most important content marketing formats                                                pg 22
            Google’s new feature translates and transcribes audio in real time                            pg 24


            Content partnership examines mobility, creativity and the impact of Industry 4.0 on the       pg 26

            future of work
            INCA connects brands to widest network of trusted influencers and publishers for fully        pg 29

            integrated Content Marketing
           Reaching a billion people with Windows 10 is just the beginning                                pg 31

           MIT Sloan professor designs model to limit price manipulation by buyers                        pg 33


            Limelight expands content delivery capacity to support increasing demand for online           pg 34
           Breaking down data silos and providing a complete view of customers’ activity across           pg 37
           systems with Zendesk Sunshine

           Criteo’s new marketing solution for traffic generation                                         pg 39
            Zendesk Chat one of the most used live chat widgets worldwide                                 pg 41

           OneDash’s innovative Personal Shopping Messenger App                                           pg 43

           APPOINTMENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                      pg 44

           IMPRINT                                                                                        pg 47
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