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             Email Marketing’s Top Trends in 2018

            Do you know which marketing strategies you should    automation makes it possible to send relevant, event-
            consider next year? In what direction email marketing   related content in real-time. And best of all that's not
            trends are heading? Well, start to get informed, not only   even difficult to do!
            because 2017 is coming to an end and heralding the
            time of the year when marketing departments are work-  2. Personalization and customization continues
            ing harder than ever to boost the year-end business.
                                                                 If you want to bring your prospects closer to your com-
            Email marketing is without doubt still one of the most   pany and products, then you should continue to align
            effective and, above all, the most accepted advertising   your content to the individual interests of your potential
            measures, in fact one that constantly evolves and adapts   customers and address them in a personalized way.
            to market changes and therefore never loses its ac-  This means providing relevant content, optimized deliv-
            ceptance. But what does email marketing have in store   ery times, prioritized article sequences, personalized
            for 2018? Here are some hints:                       texts and targeted offers etc. Hence, personalization
                                                                 and customization will remain on the 2018 agenda, too.
            1. Those who do not automate, cannot keep up with
            the times                                            3. Lead Management needs to be further developed

            The evergreen 'automation' will remain one of the hottest   Lead management was a big topic this year and will
            topics in 2018. Especially since in email marketing, auto-  continue to be since much work still has to be done to
            mated campaigns are slowly starting to reach the SMEs   address the changed purchasing decision process of
            that managed to gain first experiences. Automating mar-  prospects properly. Email marketing in 2018 therefore
            keting processes simply helps them save time and re-  means primarily continuing to generate and enrich new
            sources.                                             contacts: Lead generation through landing pages and
                                                                 application forms, simple processes and automated
            And what’s not to despise is the fact that with automated   marketing in the form of content-related campaigns that
            campaigns, they can accompany their various target   are geared to the lifecycle, the habits, behaviors, loca-
            groups perfectly through the purchase decision process   tions and click behavior.
            and position themselves as a loyal attendant. Marketing

      10            November  2017 - Email Marketing & Lead Management
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