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       Lead Management will apparently remain individual,
       personalized and automated. And most of all, the mar-
       keting process continues to be focused on the potential
       customers who are researching solutions to problems
       and need to find the right company and product/service.
       That’s why companies must hoist their sails next year at
       the latest and pick up prospects at the touchpoint they
       were heading for. For instance, consider Facebook
       Lead Ads in 2018, since email marketing and Facebook
       can now be connected directly. It is a simple, uncompli-
       cated and fast way to legitimate lead generation.    tion of several systems to get the holistic view.
                                                            All collected data must be designed for marketers in an
       4. Benefit from the clever system                    evaluable form so that email marketing can score again
                                                            with its strength - as individual, accurate and interesting
       Already last year we spoke of "programmatic and auto-  as possible. Do not be put off by complicated technolo-
       mation" as a trend with user data being collected every-  gies, but have the guts to collect and evaluate data to
       where, since it is hardly possible to act anonymously on   benefit from it.
       the internet. Of course, this is a great advantage for
       companies, because the more we know about our web-   What’s for sure is the journey of digitization, automation
       site visitors or newsletter subscribers, the better. It is an   and clever interplay of various systems and platforms
       obvious fact that the more we know, the more targeted   will continue in 2018, so do not hesitate to use your
       we can address our readers and score points with the   potential to the fullest.◊
       right offers. Systems that do this job are abundant on                           By Daniela La Marca
       the market, but in most cases, it requires the combina-

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