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             Dear Reader,

             A rigid corporate culture, silo structures, and a lack of digital thinking and risk-taking, have
             been identified as the main impediments for productive lead management.

             Whatever the reason, becoming a customer-oriented organization is ultimately the goal, which
             constantly requires a rethinking throughout the company - which is often easier said than
             done. Because, product-centric thinking was yesterday, today it is important to radically think
             about the customer – all the time and in all areas of marketing!

             But let’s be honest, the digital transformation puts all internal and external processes of a
             company to the test and makes it more and more challenging to succeed in today's digitized
             world: The changing purchasing behavior of potential customers, the growing number of
             communication channels, and the changing and stricter legal situation regarding the handling
             of personal data, make the acquisition of new customers more and more complicated.

             The heart of any modern marketing strategy is therefore professional lead management,
             combined with efficient email marketing, which is the topic of this month’s issue of Asian

             Enjoy reading!

             Daniela La Marca
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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