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Email Marketing & Lead Management


         Let the 3rd Internet      pg 4      Seeking opportunity in a   pg 6      Pressure to become a   pg 8

         Revolution begin!                 ‘Robopocalypse’                    “Digital Native Enterprise” is
                                                                              intensifying, IDC predicts

         Email Marketing’s Top     pg 10      Asia's IoT optimism and   pg 12      Why it’s better to be in Beta  pg 14

         Trends in 2018                    adoption outstrips the
                                           global average as IoT
                                           deploys at scale
         Growth in marketing       pg 16       Not ticking anyone off?   pg 18      Don’t underestimate your   pg 20

         budgets stalled in 2017, still    Then you just aren’t trying        granny when it comes to
         increased investment in           hard enough!                       Google
         digital advertising can be
         expected, Gartner reveals


         Modern lead management    pg 22   The basics for successful   pg 24   Useful tips to get your   pg 26
         must pay heed to new              email marketing                    digital lead management up
         benchmarks                                                           to speed

         How contemporary lead     pg 28   Emails for the Smartphone   pg 30
         management works                  done right


         Socialbakers the first to   pg 32      Adobe launched glossary to  pg 33

         launch AI-powered                 support marketers in
         performance prediction and        navigating the AdTech and
         optimization for Instagram        MarTech landscape


         Combining CRM and ESP     pg 34   Havas Media released       pg 36   Adobe and Microsoft        pg 37
         optimally eases email             Millennial Codes that reveal       unveiled the next milestone
         marketing’s top challenges        how Millennials think, feel        in their strategic partnership
                                           and act

          BUZZWORDS                                                                                          pg 38

          APPOINTMENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                       pg 40

          IMPRINT                                                                                         pg 46
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