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             Ms. Xueli LI, Project Leader of THEKEY, won the title of the Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneur in China, 2017 presented
                                                  by All-China Women's Federation

             Let the 3rd Internet Revolution begin!

            THEKEY Project is developing a second-generation     The existence of THEKEY Ecosystem will make the
            identity verification (IDV) solution for the internet via   internet and the real identity integrated together to facil-
            “Blockchain-based Dynamic Multidimension Identifica-  itate your life, and it will serve as the fundamental layer
            tion" (BDMI) technology. It can create a vivid and holo-  of the future Artificial Intelligence (AI). Individual's priva-
            graphic digital identity online, which will be "the key" to   cy will be better protected based on the BDMI facilitat-
            migrate people from the real world to the online world.   ed by blockchain technology with cryptographic algo-
            In a nutshell, THEKEY Project aims to solve the internet   rithm. The identity data will be possessed and con-
            IDV issues and create a parallel online world.       trolled by the individual.

            THEKEY Project team consists of world leading experts   The founder and CEO of THEKEY Project, Xueli Li,
            in the domain of R&D, data modeling and analysis,    explained: "Our team has been dedicated to the tech-
            commercialization of big data as well as marketing and   nical exploration and the commercialization of the indi-
            promotion, namely Xueli Li (Founder and CEO), Guo-   vidual data that has been validated by government
            chun Xu (CTO), Kun Chen (CMO), Lin Zuo (COO) and     agencies or other public institutions for years. The diffi-
            Yuli Huang (Chief Data Officer).                     culty in data acquisition, data processing and data utili-
                                                                 zation has impeded the use of individual data. In the
            Once the BDMI technology is implemented by THEKEY    light of the blockchain technology development, it has
            Project, people's daily life will be changed enormously,   fundamentally solved the data security, data efficiency
            as the following examples exemplify: When you open   and data privacy issues. The BDMI technology can not
            the door, face recognition and fingerprint digitals on the   only be used as an anti-fraud tool in social insurance
            door handle will scan the user to confirm the identity,   industry, it also fuels the online IDV solution. And this
            and compare it with the latest behaviors maintained on   will be a great transformation of internet technology."
            Blockchain, by which it will justify the rationality of the
            time and place you are now granting access. Exit and   Guochun Xu, CTO of THEKEY Project, added: "The
            entry through customs is complicated. However, with   BDMI technology is currently mostly developed. We
            THEKEY Ecosystem, things get easier via face recogni-  have made great achievements in data acquisition and
            tion and fingerprint verification, backstage information,   data standardization, and the business model of IDV
            blacklists from public security offices, visa records, flight   has been successfully verified in two pilot cities. Per-
            information and hotel information, will ensure effective   sonal identity data of 210 million people in 66 cities,
            clearance by customs. The intelligent device on your   authenticated by the relevant government authorities,
            body will detect the detailed data about your body when   are connected on a real-time basis. In the near future,
            you feel feverish. Moreover, it can also tell where you   every aspect of life will be in need of IDV based on
            are sick; MTS (Medical Term Standardization) will diag-  BDMI technology, and THEKEY Project will pass the
            nose your disease and recommend the most suitable    systematic test in 2018." ◊
            medicine or diagnosis and treatment scheme according                                     Source: THEKEY
            to your health record. It can even recommend the near-
            est and best doctor to you. The Blockchain IoT technol-
            ogy will help you get the cheapest medicine as fast as
            possible, which can be traced back to the source.
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