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             Pressure to become a “Digital Native

             Enterprise” is intensifying, IDC predicts

            As every year, IDC started to announce its top predic-  tions, new revenue streams and customer loyalty,” says
            tions for Asia Pacific at IDC FutureScapes 2018, one of   Sandra Ng, Group Vice President of Practice Group,
            ICT’s most anticipated annual events, held at the Man-  IDC Asia/Pacific.
            darin Orchard Singapore. On its 10th year of tracking 3rd
            platform technologies, IDC reveals that at least 60% of   According to Ng, the top predictions that will impact the
            the Asia Pacific GDP will be digitalized, with growth in   ICT industry and both technology buyers and suppliers
            every industry driven by digitally-enhanced offerings,   in Asia Pacific in the next 36 months are:
            operations, and relationships over the next three years.
            Furthermore, IDC expects that by 2020, investors will   1.  Data-centricity: By 2020, revenue growth in half
            use platform/ecosystem, data value, and customer en-       of A1000 firms from information-based products
            gagement metrics as valuation factors for all enterprises.   and services will be triple the growth rate in the
            This tipping point in the DX economy is described by       balance of the product/service portfolio.
            IDC as becoming “Digital Native Enterprises.”
                                                                   2.  Digital business: By 2018, 60% of CIOs will put
            IDC predicts that organizations slow to adopt a digital-   experimental engagement, data monetization, or
            native operating model will compete for a rapidly shrink-  digital business at scale at the top of their agen-
            ing piece of the global economy. 62% of Asia Pacific       da.
            enterprises are digitally stuck, and to lead in this DX
            economy, organizations must become a digital native
            enterprise (DNE).                                      3.  AI everywhere: By 2019, 40% of digital transfor-
                                                                       mation initiatives will use AI services. By 2021,
                                                                       75% of commercial apps will use AI, over 90% of
            “A DNE is one that is able to scale its operations and
            innovate at a pace that is an order of magnitude greater   consumers will interact with customer bots, and
            than traditional businesses. It is driven by a customer-   over 50% of the new industrial robots will lever-
                                                                       age AI.
            centric and empowered workforce that embraces risk
            taking as it seeks to continuously innovate. Technology
            and data are its lifeblood, fueling more efficient opera-  4.  HD interfaces: By 2020, human-digital (HD) in-
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