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            terfaces will diversify, as 20% of field-service   8.  Risk and trust: By 2019, 60% of CIOs will refo-
            techs and over 20% of infoworkers use augment-       cus cybersecurity around authentication and trust
            ed reality, nearly 30% of new mobile apps use        to manage business risks, initiating the retire-
            voice as their primary interface and 30% of con-     ment of systems that cannot ensure data protec-
            sumer-facing A1000 will use biometric sensors to     tion.
            personalize experiences.
                                                             9.  Open API ecosystems: By 2021, more than half
        5.  Digital assistants: By 2019, personal digital as-    of the A1000 will see an average of 40% of their
            sistants and bots will execute only 5% of transac-   digital services interactions come through their
            tions, but they will influence 15%, driving growth   open API ecosystems, up from 5% in 2017 - am-
            among the organizations that have mastered uti-      plifying their digital reach far beyond their own
            lizing them.                                         customer interactions.

        6.  DX platforms: By 2020, 50% of all enterprises    10. Blockchain and digital trust: By 2021, at least
            will have fully articulated an organization-wide     25% of the A1000 will use blockchain services as
            digital platform strategy, and will be in the pro-   a foundation for digital trust at scale. By 2020,
            cess of implementing that strategy.                  25% of banks, 40% of supply-chain and 20% of
                                                                 healthcare organizations will use blockchain net-
        7.  Cloud 2.0: Distributed and specialized: By 2021,     works in production.
            enterprises' spending on cloud services and
            cloud-enabling hardware, software and services   To learn more about IDC’s latest technology and indus-
            will reach US$75 billion, leveraging the diversify-  try predictions, please visit FutureScapes Library, or
            ing cloud environment that is one-third at the   join the FutureScape webinar series.◊
            edge, over 15% specialized (non-x86) compute,
            and 80% multicloud.                                                              By MediaBUZZ

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