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             What does digitalization and the trend

             towards data-driven models mean for

             marketing employees?

            Marketing  has  many  years  of  experience  in  the  use  of   1. Increase agility
            digital media and, in  part,  marketing automation.  Some
            marketers  are  even  using  Big  Data  and  Predictive  For digital, data-driven companies, the ability to quickly
            Marketing  successfully  by  now.  Consistent  digitization  test, evaluate, measure and then implement or discard
            includes processes as well as business models and data  ideas  and  products  is  particularly  important.  In  the
            -driven  (as  opposed  to  data-informed)  approaches.  For  implementation, the current state should be described
            short, technology is gaining in importance.          as  precisely  as  possible  to  be  able  to  eliminate
                                                                 temporal  obstacles.  In  any  case,  it  is  important  to
            The ability to collect, analyze and operationalize data in   provide  the  necessary  technology  to  carry  out,  for
            a targeted manner  becomes a  prerequisite for success   example,  A/B  testing  and  to  specifically  train
            for  companies  and  the  people  who  work  in  them.   employees  in  methods  and  expertise,  such  as  agile
            However, technology alone is not the answer. There are   management or even SCRUM technologies.
            more and more tools out there that support and facilitate
            the  transformation  only  when  they  are  used  and  filled   2. Think analytically
            with  life  by  the  employees.  So,  what  does  digitization
            and  the  trend  towards  data-driven  models  really  mean   When we talk about digitization, we talk about data. An
            for employees in marketing?                          analytical  way  of  working  means first  and  foremost  to
                                                                 measure  and  see  data  as  an  advantage  and  added
            The  following  key  factors  and  core  competences  can   value. Not everyone has to become a data scientist, but
            serve as a frame of reference to evaluate the individual   at least the basic concepts should be understood to be
            situation  in  companies  and  to  implement  necessary   able to evaluate data-based issues and provide proper
            measures:                                            decision  making.  Obviously,  this  includes  asking
                                                                 questions  in  such  a  way  that  they  can  be  answered
                                                                 with data.
      10            September 2018 - Marketing Analytics, Automation & Attribution
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