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             Blockchain technology – trendsetter

             and transformer

            The  trending  topic  in  IT,  Blockchain,  keeps  the  tech   seems  to  be  on  the  rise,  creating  at  the  same  time
            industry  currently  on  its  toes,  as  the  distributed,   other  problems.  Since  there  are  only  a  maximum
            decentralized  database  of  blocks  is  considered   number  of  currency  units,  buyers  store  the  acquired
            impossible to get hacked: Many different servers verify   bitcoins,  resulting  in  extreme  fluctuations  in  the
            algorithms  for  storing  and  uploading  information,   cryptocurrency  market.  The  dream  of  a  currency  free
            besides allowing all users of the network to see all the   from inflation has therefore ended up with high losses
            histories of changes or adjustments to a file or a block.   for  investors.  Instead,  the  advantage  of  blockchain
            Due  to  the  security  of  decentralized  storage  and  the   technology to be stored decentralized turned out to be
            elimination  of  third-party  verification  of  transactions,   a major drawback. At this point, there is no central bank
            processes can be automated.                          available to stabilize the currency.

            Although  blockchain  technology  is  already  triggering   One  promising  use  of  the  technology  represents  the
            changes in various markets and industries, it is still in its   storage  and  transfer  of  personal  data,  such  as  smart
            infancy.  However,  changing  needs  of  consumers   land  registers,  digital  weddings  and  electronic  voting.
            require urgent action not to be left behind. Whoever is   Ultimately,  the  idea  of  the  new  technology  has  the
            waiting  to  establish  the  Blockchain  to  optimize   potential  to  shorten  bureaucratic  paths,  provide
            processes  will  lose  his  competitiveness.  Technologies   manipulation  security  and  create  unchangeable  filing
            are  already  available  today  that  digitize  sales  and   methods.  So  far,  however,  this  is  still  a  thing  of  the
            ensure high security and transparency in the execution   future,  due  to  the  lack  of  interfaces  and  the  high
            of contracts.                                        computational power necessary to feed information into
                                                                 the blockchain database.
                                                                 Network without networking?
            Without   question,   the   blockchain   stands   for
            technological  progress  and  signpost  for  the  future,   In  addition  to  cryptocurrency  as  a  useful  piece  of
            because  the  unchangeable  database  promises  high   blockchain, smart contracts are gaining awareness by
            security and automation options. Primarily made famous   promising compliance and automation of legally binding
            by  the  crypto-currency  Bitcoin,  the  new  technology   processes.  Human  interface  to  verify  and  execute
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