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           consumers.  Disruptive  elements  can  be  diverse,   state  of  perpetual  beta  testing  -  and  rapid
           raising the key question of how target groups react   feedback  are  crucial  to  truly  capitalize  on
           and like innovative changes.                         opportunities.

        5.  Investments make the difference: A simple increase   7.  Measure  marketing  effectiveness  and  consumer
           in  spending  will  not  automatically  lead  to  more   behavior:  The  current  success  of  a  brand  is
           disruption. More important is to invest in a creative   always an opportunity to improve the effectiveness
           idea that suits the brand at the right time. For this   of marketing and at the same time explore growth
           reason, those responsible for marketing should get   options. That’s why marketers should measure the
           away  from  product  innovation  cycles,  since      impact  of  their  activities  as  much  as  consumer
           especially  creative  approaches  can  lead  to      behavior.
                                                           The fact is that every company can unleash disruptive
        6.  Higher  returns  through  fast  learning:  There  are  potential  if  it  has  a  clear  idea  of  its  own  brand  and
           many  examples  of  great  products  and  great  knows  what  status  the  brand  enjoys  with  consumers,
           creative  ideas  whose  launch  or  implementation  Kantar TNS concludes. ◊
           ultimately  failed.  Therefore,  it  is  recommended  to
           build  an  agile  environment  that  promotes                                     By MediaBUZZ
           innovation.  Continuous  work  on  improvement  -  a

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