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             Marketing Automation is much more

             than just software, useful for any

             business sectors

            Whoever wants to be successful today, needs to provide  find out which content is particularly well received. This
            potential customers with relevant messages in the right  increases the relevance of the individual content for the
            place at the right time, especially since digitalization has  respective recipients, and the success of the marketing
            transformed consumer behavior.                       measures, which can be measured and evaluated with
                                                                 the help of the  Key  Performance Indicator (KPI) CLV.
            Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)               This metric measures the value a customer brings to a
                                                                 business across its entire customer life cycle. The CLV
            Today’s  customers  are  self-determined  and  use  many  covers the past sales of a customer, as well as those
            different  communication  and  information  channels,  that can be expected in the future due to its purchasing
            always  in  the  expectation  to  be  supplied  with  relevant  behavior.  Tailored  content  and  offerings  can  be
            information  -  and  that  beyond  the  purchase.  Proper  provided  and  cross-linked  or  up-sold  to  maximize
            support  creates  customer  loyalty  in  the  long  term,  revenue.  By  increasing  the  CLV,  companies  promote
            guarantees additional sales potential and increases the  their own economic growth.
            so-called  Customer  Lifetime  Value  (CLV).  Furthermore,
            Marketing  Automation  Systems  (MAS)  automatically  Marketing Automation affects all business
            support customer acquisition and maintenance, enabling   sectors
            companies  to  quickly  respond  to  changing  buying
            behavior - at the right time, at the right touchpoint.   Marketing Automation is much more than just software.
                                                                 The  introduction  of  such  a  system  is  a  strategic
            But  Marketing  Automation  can  do  even  more:     decision  that  affects  all  divisions.  However,  this  also
            Companies can use automated marketing processes to   means that marketing and sales must rethink and align
            personalize  campaigns.  This  is  made  possible  by  a   tried and tested processes completely, which is a good
            legally  compliant  tracking  of  reading  and  clicking   thing  as  both  then  work  together  to  achieve  defined
            behavior integrated into the MAS, allowing companies to
                                                                 revenue targets.
      8            September 2018 - Marketing Analytics, Automation & Attribution
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