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       Tying  marketing  and  sales  together  should  be  the  first  to  define  target  groups  and  develop  appropriate
       big  step  -  even  before  you  even  think  about  what  campaigns, which in turn are needed to explore cross
       technology you could use - because the processes must  and up-selling potential.
       be  defined  first  before  the  technology  can  properly
       support them. Not to mention that decision-makers can  An enterprise could e.g.  define two target groups: the
       no  longer  afford  to  scare  off  customers  with  annoying  first one, which responded to the content, the second,
       advertising  emails  or  neglect  the  General  Data  which  did  not.  The  first  was  contacted  directly  by  the
       Protection Regulation (GDPR).                       sales department to determine whether the customer is
                                                           satisfied or needs support. Those who have responded
       Only those who segment their target groups and provide  to  the  emails  can  qualify  for  further  deals.  They  will
       them  with  the  right  offers  at  every  touchpoint  get  therefore  receive  emails  promoting  the  premium
       appreciated  by  their  customers,  measurable  in  a  high  version, for instance, through checklists. If the reading
       CLV,  beyond the conclusion of a purchase or contract.  and  clicking  behavior  speak  in  favor  of  a  purchase
       Marketing  automation  software  helps  companies  to  interest,  there  is  a  possibility  for  a  follow-up  business
       create  transparency  between  departments  and  provide  and the first step to the long-term customer lifecycle is
       prerequisites  for  a  consistent  accompanying  of  their  accomplished. ◊
       customer  throughout  the  customer  lifecycle.  Features,
       such as purchases or responses to content, can be used                               By Daniela La Marca

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