According to, online retailers are already investing into their platforms although recovery from the recession is not yet in reach. They simply know that their online consumers demand a top-notch shopping experience and that navigation problems can cost them precious sales. Thus, to no surprise, experts state that more than seven in 10 Web merchants plan to spend more on advanced e-commerce applications and services this year.

This includes replacing a whole e-commerce platform as well as adding services such as customer reviews and ratings, product personalization, live chat and improved site search. Social marketing was also high on e-retailers’ list of priorities, with nearly one-half planning to add initiatives this year.

The online shopping industry seems to know that better technology is needed to prepare for recovery and new opportunities. In particular, brand marketers seem to embrace e-commerce with a new found vitality to compensate for ebbing sales from retail partners and to grab control of their brand in the digital world.