More e-tailers then ever have to deal with the increased complexity of their IT infrastructure to run their websites and therefore think about shifting the responsibility for their entire activity to a third-party provider. The German based etracker GmbH is a leading provider of products and services to optimize websites and online marketing campaigns and could be the right partner for them. The company offers two highly integrated product lines for targeted optimization and control of online activity, namely etracker Web Analytics and etracker Visitor Voice, and has already more than 65,000 customers in Europe.

Their web controlling solution provides a quantitative real-time analysis of visitor behaviour, while etracker’s Visitor Voice identifies visitors’ wishes via standardized, active questioning that provides concrete recommendations for site improvement. etracker Web analytics presents the optimization potentials of websites and online campaigns and identifies the success factors in real time with a mouse click, including accurate sales, ROI, and shopping cart analysis as well as exact operating figures to the visitor behaviour. Their solution provides online marketing control for all forms of advertising and protects against online fraudsters as it detects click fraud quickly and reliably and prevents fraud affiliate.

Recently the company introduced Visitor Voice 2, their latest version of the online market research solution, available in the SaaS model. With this solution, now even SMEs get a chance to enter the professional online market research - easy, cheap, and with 100 percent data protection.

Visitor Voice is a standardized and at the same time customizable website satisfaction analysis, based on latest market research practices. It allows website optimization from a customer perspective that generates in that way better customer relationships and fuller shopping carts.

Continuous interviewing of a website’s surfers provides different aspects such as website content, look & feel, or usability of the page while providing important insights into goals, achievement, loyalty, and socio-demographic characteristics of visitors. From the standardized surveys, which can be enriched with specific questions, etracker Visitor Voice derives automatically specific, prioritized recommendations for action on how an operator can optimize his site from a customer perspective.

The novelty of Visitor Voice 2 is the page feedback, which means that users not only give differentiated feedback to the entire online presence, but to each page. Concrete suggestions for improvement to each page allow a truly customer-focused website optimization.
Another highlight of etracker Visitor Voice 2 is the possibility of behaviour-dependent invitations. Visitors that demonstrate a certain surfing habit can automatically get an invitation to participate at any time. In that way, for instance, specifically those that still haven’t yet put an item into the shopping basket, but have called up a certain number of pages and spent a certain amount of time on the site, can be interviewed. With etracker Visitor Voice 2 You can even ask specifically for those visitors who have just closed their browser again.

As a complete market research package, etracker’s Visitor Voice delivers in addition to the technology and the survey sophisticated multidimensional analysis, visualization, and evaluation capabilities. It is so easy to handle that even users with no market research know-how receive concrete results and recommendations for action. If web site operators combine the intelligent market solutions with quantitative data from etracker (Web Analytics), they get to each completed survey, additional information on the click paths, view times, use search engines and keyword, precise geographic origin, and technical environment of the visitor. In short: They achieve a significant gain in knowledge that was not available before with traditional online market research. The open feedback from visitors in the form of criticism, suggestions, error messages, praise, or questions enables a precise and effective customer-oriented optimization of each page.

The feedback page can by the way be integrated by etracker Visitor Voice on any page, as the position of the feedback button is freely selectable. For individual feedback categories even different e-mail addresses can be lodged so that the respective feedback reaches the appropriate person directly. If a visitor reports e.g. a technical fault, a technician receives an automated e-mail notification, however reports regarding optical presentation go directly to the web designer, so that Web site owners can respond ad hoc to any suggestions.

Like all solutions of etracker, its page-related feedback is 100 percent compliant in sense of data privacy as the feedback is given completely anonymous. The new module is a feature of etracker Visitor Voice Unlimited, but can be purchased separately as well – then etracker Web Analytics Lite and etracker Visitor Voice Lite is given out even on top for free.

For the first time, a website owner not only can see what happens on his portal, but also why! With the page-related feedback there comes a potential improvement option, so that website owners can optimize the website and be more visitor-oriented.

etracker solutions have already been awarded with numerous innovation prizes and their outstanding price-performance ratio. If you are interested you can take your chance of testing etracker’s latest innovation for three weeks free of charge and without obligation:

By Daniela La Marca