There is no other direct marketing instrument that is easier to control and to which you can react so easily. However, there is a way to make it even easier for the reader to get on your landing page.  Discover how you can optimize the page where the reader lands after clicking on a hyperlink in his email.

  1. Draw up specific landing pages
    Don’t just link up to the start page, instead you should design a special landing page that serves the users’ information needs which was prepared in the newsletter you sent to him.
  2. Don’t forget the buttons
    The most important element of your landing page should be highly visible buttons inviting the customer to “reserve”, “order”, “”book” or “request” an item.
  3. Offer detailed information
    Before one of your customers gets to make a decision, he needs properinformation. You should give the most important information on the landing page itself. More detailed information can then be offered via a hyperlink.
  4. Pictures tell more
    You should visualize the product or the topic that you want to offer your customer. In addition to that you can always add a link that instantly directs the reader to a picture gallery or even more functions.
  5. Less is more
    Don’t beat your customer down with too much detail. As mentioned before, it’s better to give the detailed information in a hyperlink. Web pages should be arranged in an easy-to-navigate manner and be clear. For specific landing pages, you can always reduce the standard navigation so that the user doesn’t get distracted.
  6. Customize the tonal features
    It’s always good to adjust the terminology, diction and the language of your landing page to the one used in the e-mail that was used to attract the users interest for your web page.
  7. Give arguments
    Give your customer good arguments for getting someone to buy your items. You should provide all relevant information to leave the buyer without doubts.
  8. Trust
    Give guarantees so you don’t leave space for mistrust. If there are certificates, references or seals of approval, show them off.  Make sure that your payment system and your customer’s data are secure.
  9. Dynamic landing pages
    Professional marketing software for emails provide a large spectrum to give you the ability of designing individual landing pages, for example making sure that the customer is addressed with his name or which enables you to adapt background images.
  10. It´s all about testing
    More than anything, online marketing is about to testing different versions. But make sure that you still stay true to yourself.

By Dr. Torsten Schwarz (, translated by Laura Veronesi