Armorlog International Limited recently announced that it started to seek distributors for its new authentication technology developed by its owners, known as Variable Proprietary Character Set Multi-layered LoginTM (VPCSMLTM).

It is a software server side solution to network fraud that acts independently of the limitations of user side based solutions and is particularly important as a large proportion of fraud is in-house with the perpetrator being known or close to the victim. Therefore, a system needs to account for the fact that a users’ computer may be easily compromised by someone in a trusted position close to the victim.

The system has features incorporated in the design to protect network user access and defend networks against denial of service (DoS) attacks. It is designed to prevent the user inadvertently revealing any logon credentials and will deter wilful sharing of credentials which will assist publishers to protect copyright losses from illegal sharing of login credentials.

The system can be used to prevent access to user logon credentials by phishing attacks, malware, keyboard logging, telephone scams, identity theft, device skimmers, shoulder browsers, password guessing programs and man in the middle attacks.

As it is a pure software solution, it can be adapted for use on a wide range of platforms and will run on most common operating systems. The product will assist in satisfying privacy requirements and will assist in a reduction in losses from fraud and more importantly increased user security.

The Company has developed a standalone version of the software to run on the Apache server configuration, widely used on the Internet, however many networks will want to incorporate it within existing systems to maximise security and for most large networks it is more likely to be a case of a patent licensing arrangement.

As part of the licensing conditions, licensees must agree not to allow the use of the technology for antisocial purposes such as money laundering, pornography, prostitution, weapons dealing, bait advertising and unlicensed, defective or illegal product distribution or dumping.

Licensees will be required to display an unobtrusive Armorlog logo, licence number and web reference that will enable users to check if the site is legitimate as a further level of validation for consumers unfamiliar with the licensee, or if the user suspects the site may be a fraudulent or spoofed site.

Armorlog are seeking expressions of interest from key industry participants to distribute this product to their customers for use in their networks and for the benefit and protection of their users. As the technology is security based, distributors may need to meet various statutory compliance requirements, including police checks in order to operate in various jurisdictions and industries.

The licensing model offers recurring revenue streams for distributors and possibly network owners, depending on the profile of their membership and services that will assist in providing funding for the cost of overhead in maintaining an Internet presence and the provision of content and support services.