ADAMartechADA, a data and artificial intelligence (AI) company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions is launching a new Marketing Technology (MarTech) service across Asia-Pacific (APAC) that will help clients optimize their end-to-end sales and marketing efforts.

According to Gartner, some 80% of organizations feel they are sitting on an outdated MarTech roadmap, and 67% think their existing technology is not useful. A study by Harvard Business Review found that 80% of marketers want better tools to measure return on investment.

To meet this need, ADA’s MarTech-as-a-Service offering will empower businesses to scale up via three core services:

  • Business Value Discovery – Analyze client’s business operations across sales and marketing funnel by consulting and matching with ADA’s existing expertise to grow and scale.

  • Growth Solutions – Help clients choose the right MarTech solutions that match the business maturity level and to optimize current stacks.

  • Marketing Technology Operations & Enablement – Act as an extended arm of the client to enable, train, and scale in-house talent to ensure continuity of strategy and execution.

Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO of ADA, said, “ADA has continuously evolved to create new ways for businesses to adopt data-driven marketing. We are excited to offer these new MarTech services that complete the circle for our clients by allowing them to look at their full sales and marketing funnel with an always-on approach.”

ADA’s expertise in MarTech has enabled various companies to bounce back from COVID-19 by increasing new customer acquisition and customer lifetime values, improving click-through rates, maximizing marketing productivity, and automating marketing systems.

Learn more about ADA’s MarTech solution here.

By MediaBUZZ