6excelIf you intend to improve your email marketing to generate more openings and clicks, you might be interested in the following tips:

1. Optimize your email permission by taking a closer look at the opt-in process of your addresses. Does a blanket opt-in make sense or do you want to send different themed newsletters? It is easier for your recipients to choose what they want to receive and adjust the frequency as well as format accordingly.

2. Talk early and often to new applicants. Many email lists have too many inactive addresses included. One reason for this is the fact that the interest in brand products abates over time, which is normal. Unfortunately, a lot of inactive users are created from the beginning because no rational communication has been established. But a secret for having active reader is to cultivate a conscious dialogue immediately from the date of registration. Encourage and accustom your readers from the start to respond to your messages, even if it is not for a product purchase, then at least for the participation in sweepstakes or sharing of content on Facebook. Further, expand your welcome email to new applicants, sending a number of meaningful messages. And try a "wake up" of inactive receivers and do not wait the usual six to twelve months. Hang in there and keep your readers active as this is still much easier than to wake them up again from a coma.

3. Think mobile! Thanks to mobile devices, emails can be read anywhere and anytime, therefore you should customize your newsletter for smartphones and tablets as well. And don’t forget the landing pages to be displayed well on possibly all mobile devices.

4. Reinforce the segmentation of your target audience. A simple segmentation by gender, age, company size, etc. is still justified. But the influence of the current user behavior is increasingly becoming important, too. Therefore, it is essential to collect user data for a more targeted approach. If a reader responds to your message - be it that he buys your product or clicks on a specific product/topic - capture the reaction and build that way a history of behavior on your receiver and use it to better segment and send more tailored offers and topics to your audience. The value of your newsletter increases to your readers and, thus, long-term your open- and click rates - and eventually your sales will also increase.

5. Make a leap from static to dynamic content. Does your email template still follow the motto "one for all"? That does not have to be that way. Dynamic content enables date-, place- , time-, and preference- specific images and content in your email, depending on when, where and on what device your message is opened and what your target audience prefers. A black mobile phone for men and one in white for women, variable product suggestions according to the weather or time of day at which the email is opened, specific recommendations based on previous purchases - no problem with dynamically generated content.

Chances are high that even if you just consider one of the five tips mentioned above, you will improve your email results and increase your sales. Try it out and all the best!

By Daniela La Marca