ATTAT Internet, a player in the field of digital intelligence, unveiled the newest applications in its software suite dedicated to advanced performance analytics for websites and mobile applications. The French company clearly responds with these new features to the challenges facing today's media groups, retailers, financial establishments, as well as governmental and corporate groups that aim at quickly extracting maximum results from their analytics data.

The company’s Analytics Suite solution enables companies to rapidly benefit from their digital data using a single analytics platform, helping its customers shorten, as much as possible, the time between raw data collection and taking concrete, data-driven actions as a result. From collecting and analyzing data to visualizing and sharing it, AT Internet's suite of integrated applications gives each user the decision-making information he or she needs, whether that person is a digital analytics expert or a business user.

AT Internet concentrates its R&D efforts on developing its suite of applications around four pillars that anchor its offering:

1. Agile measurement and tagging: A major challenge for companies today is connecting data to decisions as quickly as possible, all while preserving high quality and reliability. With SmartTag, implementing an analytics solution has never been so simple. AT Internet new tag version is faster and more powerful when it comes to tagging sites, mobile apps, and collecting data. SmartTag combines an easy user experience - intuitive setup, customized measurements and full documentation for developers - with an extremely powerful tag.

2. A holistic view of the visitor journey and interactions: With mobile and app analytics, AT Internet helps its clients understand the customer journey across all digital channels. The challenge lies in knowing how a visitor interacts with a brand across a variety of devices, besides deeply analyzing precise usage and behaviors on specific devices. Thanks to new SDKs and an app analytics dashboard, AT Internet gives marketers an aggregated view of performance in terms of traffic acquisition, user engagement and retention.

3. An open analytics platform: The multiplication of tools (analytics, ad serving, testing, etc.) within a company's digital ecosystem tends to silo information, AT Internet is dedicated to breaking down by facilitating the flow of data within companies. Thanks to its open platform, AT Internet offers 3rd -party data import and export features via its partnerships in key digital marketing domains, like TV tracking, audience analytics, as well as testing and customization. The French company is also tackling massive-volume data exchanges with a new API (Data Flow) to feed complementary systems like data warehouses or business intelligence platforms.

4. Data democratization: AT Internet's tools enable the right information to be shared with the right person in the right format. Following in the footsteps of the ‘dashboards application’, designed to enable simplified, collaborative performance management via a highly customizable tool, AT Internet unveils its ‘reports application’. With this reporting tool, users no longer need to dig through masses of data to find what they need for accelerated decision-making. They can access simple, pre-built, jargon-free reports designed to address their needs, no matter of their industry, job role, or level of digital analytics maturity.

Mathieu Llorens, AT Internet CEO, says: "Even if access to data has become widespread, efficiently using and sharing it within companies often remains complex. We've clearly set out to remove these hurdles by helping companies create immediate value through analytics."

On the communication front, AT Internet has as well developed a new website that reflects its philosophy of efficiency, simplification and accessibility for everyone, besides clearly representing the company’s services and expertise in the eCommerce, media and finance industries.

Source:  AT Internet