video marketingShort video clips manage to explain complex content in less than three minutes while entertaining at the same time. To no surprise, they are nowadays often replacing long and unmanageable texts that are usually not read to the end. Best is that they are applicable in almost any context: not only as a marketing or image film, but also in the traditional market communication and internal corporate business world. In addition, they can be spread through a variety of channels, such as YouTube, your own company website or Facebook.

The first eight seconds count

You only have a few seconds to get the attention of your customers, which is easiest achieved through videos. If you have managed that, it depends on the length of stay of the customer on your homepage. But the most fascinating phenomenon of videos is that people can remember them easily: about 95% of the information remains in the memory of the viewer, for a text it is only 2%.

Why is all that relevant? Well, videos are shared, liked and shown to friends on a daily basis. At best, they become a viral hit and stay in their memory. In addition, don’t forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with more than three billion clicks daily. This number alone should convince you of the importance of video marketing.

Explanatory videos are trendy

Videos in marketing are becoming the new standard. Their shortness, concentrating on the essentials in max. three minutes, is an important reason for their popularity. Complex issues are broken down and communicated transparently.

An explanatory film can be individually adapted to the target group, since the combination of information and entertainment is generally attractive to all kind of potential customers. Through examples, animations and a story, videos arouse the customers’ sympathy which is then passed on to the company. 

People love images and stories

Most companies have already recognized the video trend, especially since easy integration in social networks increases their reach. In addition, videos can be incorporated into email newsletters and achieve that way a higher redirect to their company's homepage. Not insignificant is search engine optimization, because explanatory videos improve the ranking of your own company.

Hence, explanatory videos are a very successful tool and they particularly impress with their low cost. Even start-ups or medium-sized companies can afford them compared to many other advertising materials.

Tips for a successful explanatory video

1. The first eight seconds are crucial: get attention through personalization, humor or surprise; animate your customers to continue watching; put on an emotional approach and sympathetic characters.

2. A clear message is the basic requirement. You must know your goals and what you want to achieve with the video: is it about presenting a new product, brokering a service portfolio or should the customer buy something? In addition, it is important to know who you want to address and how do you best reach your target group: humor or seriousness, young or elderly, women or men. These points should be clarified early.
3. An explanatory video must be short to be watched till the end, but long enough to pick up on the most important aspects. Limit yourself to the essentials and entertain your viewers, since prating looks unprofessional and bores quickly.
4. Tell the customers with the video what you really want from them: should they sign up for a newsletter, enter the shop or share the video? Calls-to-action at the end of the video mediate that best. However, keep in mind that too much and too intrusive seems unserious. You should also make clear who you are: use your corporate identity in the video or show your logo. This high recognition value becomes especially important if your video is embedded outside of your website, too.
5. Consider well where to publish your explanatory clip: in addition to your website, YouTube and your social media channels are also ideal. The explanatory video should be easy to find: two other alternatives are embedding it in your newsletter or providing it on tablets and mobile phones of your sales representatives.
6. Finally, pay attention to the quality of the explanatory video: the style of speech must be easy to understand, the audio recording be clear and without noise. Sound and image should be perfectly synced and be suitable. Badly produced explanatory films only damage the image of your company; therefore, consider using an agency to help you with both the technical and content implementation if you need support.

There are numerous agencies for explanatory videos, such as Simpleshow or Mynd, as well as tons of software, like Mysimpleshow, Rawshorts or Vyond to name a few.

By Daniela La Marca