SingtelAs we saw today, after Singtel’s fiber network for many corporate users failed for several hours, digital marketers depend enormously on a strong and stable infrastructure – it is actually the basis!

As some might have noticed, there was a serious internet service disruption in Singapore, most likely caused by failures in Singtel’s corporate fiber optic internet services.

First problems already were noticed at our own offices yesterday afternoon around 17:30h, when it suddenly was not possible to access the internet, but internal networks were up and running.

Switching to our back-up systems - also having access to StarHub - showed that this clearly seemed to be a Singtel-specific issue. Today, on 25th of July, at 7:30 AM, all seemed OK again, but from around 9:00h until about 12:30h, it appeared that there still was something wrong. Contact to email servers and international webpages have been disrupted. Again, StarHub was running, so it again pointed to Singtels’ connections.

Being one of the first to notice this, we contacted SIngtel right away, which still seemed not to be aware of any major problem yet, and giving the usual suggestions on what to check. Only 15 minutes later, the service desk could no longer be reached due to high call volume and a voice message informing that all technical staff was busy resolving an unexpected service interruption.

A call back by Singtel, shortly after service was re-instated, confirmed after a bit of digging that a large group of corporate fiber optic customers were affected, seemingly a breakdown in some of the corporate fiber optic services.

This shows us again, how digital media and digital marketing heavily depend on a solid infrastructure.

At least it was back up in just in time for us, as you can see by reading this.

By MediaBUZZ